'Queeny' - A Day in the Life

Queeny Porsche 911

I have rarely met a person whom isn't almost immediately enthralled by the looks of a classic 'long hood' 911. For those of you that haven't had a chance to get behind the wheel or go for a drive in one of these beauties, I set out to encompass the feeling of bouncing around in the most visceral driving experience you may ever have in our most recent YouTube video.

Porsche 911 Werks werksshop

Werks is all about the classic & timeless, and whats more classic then a Canadian tuxedo? The perfect way to enjoy an unheated classic Porsche in late fall. 

There really isn't anything like ripping along with that screaming sound howling out the side. Werks DriverOur driver pictured above in the 'long hood' tee, with The Outlierman x Werks gloves, and one of our all time favourite watches, the Autodromo Stradale Automatic in black. The Deus Ronald denim jacket ties the look together.

Porsche 911 Werks

Behind the scenes, our cameraman Dean wearing the, now sold out Deus x Alpha bomber, contemplating the calm before Queeny's 2.4L engine fires back to life in a massive roar. Autodromo MonopostoThe Autodromo Monoposto, the current boss of the collection, and certainly one of the most beautiful timepieces we've ever seen.

Deus x Alpha jacket

At the time of publishing, we've still got a couple sizes left in the Deus x Alpha blue bomber

Werks Queeny 911

All images shot by Peter Reid @p_reid please contact for use. Written by Peter, from Werks Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  • Lexi

    Would you ever consider doing the defender tee in a grey with logo In white or better yet a black shirt with the defender in white?

  • Leonard

    My kind of story!

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